Water damage, whether at home or place of business can be extremely devastating and inconvenient in a number of ways.
Water damage can be due to:
– A fractured pipe
– Flash floods
– Burst water main or geyser
– Damage on Soffits or fascias or roof tiles
– Overflowing toilet

Our claims procedure is as follows:

– Upon receipt of instruction contact is made with the client in order to diarise an appointment to meet with the insured within 24 hours of receipt of instruction
– Once at the insured premises numerous photos are taken of the area where the damage is visible and a detailed assessor’s report of all insured damages is compiled.
– Before any work is authorized the property is measured. The dwelling, garage, paving, swimming pool, car port etc are measured separately in order to get a current value of the property. We make use of the Property Construction Handbook to determine the correct rates for each section as well as suburb and region. Once it is confirmed that the property is correctly insured we proceed.
– Should emergency repairs be necessary (eg Burst Geyser) authorization is immediately given, once confirmed that the damage was caused by an insured peril.
– Quotations are requested from our panel of contractors for the resultant damage. The quantum is then presented to the insurer in report form. Once further instruction is received, we authorize the contractor to go ahead with resultant damage.
– Should specialist opinions be required, (eg structural engineers, roof specialists, leak detection companies etc), permission is obtained from the insurer before such an entity is appointed. Should the insurer grant permission, appointment is done. Upon receipt of the insurer’s report, NCAG will proceed.
– Should the origin of the problem be a result of wear and tear, gradual deterioration, lack of maintenance or bad workmanship it will not be covered. Instruction is then given to the insured to do repairs to the cause of the damage. Once this is done, we may suggest that the insurer consider settling the resultant damage caused by one of the above mentioned points.
– Should this not be the case, the final report is then submitted for the insurer’s perusal. Should we receive instruction to appoint a contractor and or draw up AOL, it is done.
Should a contractor be appointed, the work will be signed off by Assessor as well as client once work has been completed. Final invoice from contractor is checked and signed by assessor and the file is closed.



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