Subsidence can be catastrophic and put at risk most valuable assets. The damage is caused by the downward movement of all soil types resulting from natural shifts or human activity, causing structural damage to your property. As our summers get drier and hotter and winters wetter, instances of subsidence are becoming far more frequent.
In the case of suspected subsidence damage, extensive site investigations such as trial holes, soil tests, drainage tests and monitoring will have to be carried out.

Once we have received an instruction for a subsidence claim, our experienced assessor specializing in subsidence will:

– Compile a detailed assessor’s report of all insured damages of risk address
– Obtain competitive estimates from our panel of insurance approved contractors for repairs and replacements
damages/damaged items
– Visit the scene of “loss”
– Assess all physical damages related tot eh claim
– Ensure emergency repairs when necessary, so that the property is protected against any further damages
– Instruct a geotechnical survey to be carried out by a qualified Geotechnical Consultant where necessary
– Provide end-to-end management of the claim process through to completion NCAG may also advise on the actions the claimant           should take before the insurance policy is renewed



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