Heavy Commercial Vehicles

This is a division that NCAG is currently expanding as we are obtaining a reputation as competent, accurate and fast assessors in this field. We understand the need for the fastest possible turnaround time as money is lost by the insured every moment the vehicle stands without working, the financial implications of a delayed repair can be dire.

Our Heavy Commercial Vehicle assessment entails a complete and thorough check of the vehicle general condition, including the bodywork suspension, engine, gearbox, interior, windows, chassis and fifth wheel, all of the valves links and controls undergo a visual check and it is established whether the vehicle has such items as a load sensing valve, levelling valve and ABS, we also note the type of transmission and whether a water separation and monitoring system is present in the fuel system. 

We pay special attention to the tyres, their sizes, casings, condition and whether they are virgin or re-treaded casings. The brake discs/drums and linings are also checked, if at all possible the wheels are removed for this check, if not possible the brakes are checked visually from underneath or through the inspection hole if there are dust covers.

The quotation and damage are thoroughly assessed and any disparities such as parts or damage not quoted for or old damage either added or removed, if at all possible parts are repaired or alternate / second hand parts sourced to reduce cost to the insurer.

A valuation is performed on the vehicle using Transunion’s Mead & McGrouther system and any extras are added. The drivers’ license details are noted and verified once obtained as well as any police report.

Our report is easy to read and understand and contains all information you as insurer may need to successfully and quickly resolve the claim, we aim to answer any questions you may have before the question even occurs, our report includes detailed photographs of the vehicle, COF’s, weight ratings and the damage as well as the relevant quotations and valuation performed on the vehicle.

Our experienced Motor Accident Investigators can perform an assessment and validate or deny any claims for goods in transit and loss of income on conjunction with our Heavy Commercial Vehicle assessment.



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