The discovery that someone has violated the privacy of your home or business is traumatic. Our assessors determine the extent of the damage and estimate the cost of parts and labour to repair or replace the damaged property taking the stress away from the client and or insurer.

Our procedure for burglary assessments is as follows:

Upon receipt of instruction the admin clerk immediately makes contact with the insured. The insured is notified that NCAG have been appointed and that the assessor will contact him/her to set up an appointment. The instruction is then handed to the assessor who immediately does a summary of the instruction/burglary.

The SAPS A1 statement is requested immediately. Claim forms and policy schedules are checked along with the quotes received from the insurer/broker at time of appointment. Certain points are then flagged which need to be confirmed with the insured. At time of appointment, a full statement is taken from the insured. Once this is done a list of the stolen items is also compiled. Once this is completed we attend to the point of entry and exit. 

Once this is completed we do a full inventory of the items remaining in the dwelling. We then, once again, sit with the list of stolen items and cross reference them with the list supplied to the SAPS. We check all quotes along with the list.

We also request PQ from the insured for the stolen items. The last inspection before leaving the scene of loss is the security on the premises, of which photos are then taken.
NCAG will obtain an alarm report if applicable. 

Quotes are sent to suppliers to try and better the prices of the claimed items. We also check that none of the items are under HP (Hire Purchase). We request a 5.13.6 on the insured from the SAPS to see if any similar cases have been reported to the police in the past. We make sure that the quotes we obtain are for the same items claimed by the insured. If all is in order and all documents obtained NCAG then submit our report for the insurers perusal. Included in the report we present a full quantum. We also present the inventory signed by the insured.

We also apply average if applicable. Items without PQ are limited/adjusted as per relevant policy wording/endorsements. All quotes are attached along with the PQ supplied by the insured. SAPS A1 statement, 5.13.6, as well as alarm reports are also attached.
Once further instruction is received we present the AOL as well as vouchers for replacement to the insured. Once signed and dispatched, our file is closed.



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