Fire Damage

Fire insurance claims can be very complex due to the amount of damage caused not only by the initial fire, but by soot and smoke damage as well.
Upon receipt of instruction immediate contact is made with insured. Upon first contact with the insured we enquire about the condition of the dwelling and or content. If the building is uninhabitable we immediately request permission for alternate accommodation should the policy make provision for this. Due to years of experience, we will immediately know what is required at the time of first appointment. Along with the insurers permission the following will be ceded/requested at time of first inspection of/to the property:

1) Forensic Investigator (If Required)
2) Structural Engineer (If Required)
3) Quantity Surveyor (If Required)
4) Immediate safety repairs/measures to be taken/altered
5) Respective contractors to tender
6) Medical Treatment (If cover provided)
7) Trauma Treatment (If cover provided)
8) VAR – Structure & Content
9) Professional Fees

The following documents will also be obtained: 

1) Fire Brigade report
2) SAPS Report – If applicable
3) Various Reports as stated above
4) Quotes/Tenders – Content & Contractors

A preliminary report is submitted to the insurer within 5 days of appointment.
At this stage clean up etc can be authorized should everything be in order.
When all documents/reports have been obtained the final report will be submitted.
Once further instruction is received, contractors, suppliers etc will be appointed.
On completion of all construction work/replacements, all invoices are signed off by the insured and assessor.
Upon signature of the AOL, our file is closed.



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