Complete Motor Vehicle Assessment Services

We offer countrywide motor vehicle assessments and have assessors in Cape Town, Durban, East London and our Head Office is situated in Cape Town. All assessments are controlled by head office which omits the inconvenience of having to deal with various branches or different assessors.

Network Claims Assessors has made the claim procedure easier for the client, as they do not need to obtain numerous quotations. The process is streamlined.

  • True and accurate quotations of the accident vehicles, related to the particular accident, are guaranteed.
  • Our photographs are of high quality, depicting all areas of damage.
  • All assessments are checked and approved by senior management.
  • Our assessors are available at all times and available to attend court when necessary.
  • Disputes between any involved parties are resolved efficiently.
  • Random audits are done on the panel beaters to ensure standards are maintained

Our foundation is based on experience in mechanical and body repair work. With this background (including, but not limited to, repair costing and pre and post collision vehicle values) we are confident that we will be able to provide quality and accurate assessments and reports. Our in-house motor assessors have a broad spectrum of pooled experience and qualifications, enabling them to handle any assessment with efficiency and draw on each other’s knowledge when necessary in order to come to the best possible decision. They are also registered members of the Institute of Motor Assessors of South Africa (IMASA).

The Institute of Motor Assessors of South Africa (IMASA) is an association and oversight body that does a thorough background check on individuals wishing to become a member and vets all of their references and qualifications to ensure that they are qualified to operate as a Motor Assessor.

Many Insurers now insist on membership to this body in order to perform assessments for them. The institute has in place a CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Program that ensures that members are always kept abreast of market and technical developments within the motor repair industry, they also arrange numerous courses during the year ranging from new model technical courses to paint system and repair procedure courses ensuring that their members always operate at the highest levels of knowledge and efficiency.

We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled service levels and efficiency in accident assessing and understand the need doe promptness of service in making crucial decisions with respect to the damaged vehicle and can negotiate with body shops to establish an agreed method and cost of repairs.

NCAG clients are provided with accident damage assessments; valuations, pre and post repair examinations, expert witnesses for litigation and associated services in relation to the motor insurance industry. When a vehicle has been involved in an accident the normal process of a claim is through the insurance company. NCAG are then employed by the insurer to assess the damage costs.

Our assessment of circumstances of loss procedure is as follows:

  • Upon receipt of the instruction, the admin clerk immediately contacts the insured to notify them of the assessment and that they will be contacted for an appointment. The assessor personally contacts the insured to set up an appointment.
  • A confirmation letter is sent via email to the insurer notifying them that contact has been made and that an appointment has been scheduled
  • The vehicle is assessed and the assessor supplies the admin clerk with a report
  • In the case of the vehicle being uneconomical to repair, the insured is advised of the vehicle being a “write off” and the vehicle is uplifted from the panel beater to avoid storage costs
  • The de-registration certificate is also requested from the bank/insured. Once the document is received, an AOL is drawn up and sent to the insurer for authorization.
  • The report is captured and sent to the insurance clerk
  • Authorization is then sent to the repairer and receipt is confirmed. The insured is then notified via SMS of authorization being sent to the repairer
  • The insurance clerk is notified via email of progress of assessment.