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Riaan Swart | NCAG
East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Riaan Pieter Swart
ID Number 700624 5040 084 Cell phone Numbers 073 483 5739
Nationality RSA Home Number None
Gender Male Email address
Languages English & Afrikaans Postal Address 17 Burnett Street
Criminal Record None Gonubie, 5257
SAPS: Technical Support Unit, Head Office, Pretoria
Position: Constable ~ Sergeant (Technician)
Period: June 1990 ~ February 1994
SAPS: Endangered Species Protection Unit, Head Office, Pretoria
Position: Sergeant ~ Detective Sergeant
Investigating Officer (Detective)
Period: February 1994 ~ March 1998
Key Duties: Investigation of Organized Crime Syndicates
Carrying of Case Dockets, Testifying in Court
Planning and Conducting Sting Operations
Investigating crimes involving Endangered Species (Elephant Ivory,
Rhino Horn, Cycads, Abalone, Reptiles, Insects etc)
Anti-Poaching Operations
Police Diver
Static and mobile surveillance
Photo and video evidence gathering
Tracking of poachers / foot patrols / removing snares
First Aider
SAPS: Undercover Crime Intelligence Gathering Unit, East London
Position: Detective Inspector
Intelligence Handler / Field Operative
Period: March 1998 ~ February 2006
Saambou Personal Loans Contract
Position: Underwriting Personal loans on a part-time, contract basis while
employed by the SAPS.
Period: 1998 ~ 2000
Key Duties: Writing personal loans for individuals and companies eg Grey Security,
SAPS, Teachers etc.
The New Reclamation Group, Wilsonia, East London
Position: Non-Ferrous Metals Buyer
Period: January 2008 ~ October 2008
Key Duties: Purchasing of uncontaminated non-ferrous metals
Management of staff in buying area and yard
Weekly meetings with staff, Toolbox Talks
Quality control of materials purchased
Monthly Stock Take, Annual External Stock Audit
Internal training of staff
Investigation of incidents and theft
Risk Assessments with regards to personal injuries and environmental
threats (pollutants)
Reference: Mike Dowlman
InterCo Logistics
Position: Distribution Manager
Period: 2008 ~ 2011: Contract based
Key Duties: Managing distributions to schools in Eastern Cape
Recruiting drivers
Planning Routes
Verifying Mileage claimed
Supervising loading of vehicles
Managing Warehouse
Managing returns / damaged stock
Briefing & Debriefing of drivers
Meetings with drivers
Ensuring driver safety
Position: Clerk of Works (Contract Based)
Period: April 2011 ~ December 2012
Key Duties: On-site Supervision
LV Inspections
Outages, System Outages
Inspections of Transformer Areas, LV and MV Lines
Inspections of contractors’ Health & Safety files
Inspections of Contractors’ PPE
2012 Involved with auditing of Pareto Lines in the Southern Region.
Reference: Albert Heiberg
082 327 3844
Position: Owner: Clerk of Works
Period: December 2012 ~ April 2015
Services: Type 1 inspections
Type 2 (LV) inspections
Partial Handovers
Quality Control
Investigations with regards to Contractor irregularities and incidents
Completion of Handover Certificates
Project Leader
Project Manager
On-site Supervision:
MV and 66~132Kv Lines
Project Leader (200+ Eskom projects)
Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality Control
Outages & System Outages
Reticulation Projects
Inspections of LV, MV and 66~132Kv Lines during construction
Inspections of contractors’ Health & Safety files
Inspections of Contractors’ PPE
Inspections of Approved Materials
Investigations with regards to Contractor irregularities and incidents
Ensuring all authorisations are up to date and legitimate
Conducting Planned Task Observations
Ensuring Tailgate talks and Risk Analysis has been done prior to work
Inspection of Contractors’ vehicles and equipment including cranes
Ensuring all relevant certificates are in the H&S File
Completion of Handover Certificates
Issuing on Non-compliance certificates when necessary with regards to
standards, safety, materials used etc.
Line Inspections:
Inspections of LV, MV and 66~132Kv Lines
Inspections of Transformer Areas
Inspections of MV lines for Standards and defects
Immediate reporting of any dangerous situation
Other Services:
Inspections of Contractor Site Camps (stacking of materials, fire
breaks, fire evacuation plans and firefighting equipment, first aid etc.)
Investigations with regards to Contractor irregularities and incidents
Attending hearings
Managed and completed a detailed audit of LV lines on the Qoqodala
Breaker System on the Komani / Cathcart 1 22kV Line for LV
normalization. The Audit was done for Queenstown CNC.
Managed and completed a detailed audit of LV lines at Shiloh and Sada
on the Mapasa / Shiloh 1 11kV line for LV normalization. The Audit
was done for Queenstown CNC.
132Kv Lattice single circuit line construction in conjunction with Johann
Botha of Gibb. Duties included general Clerking, SHEQ, assisting the
contractor in managing the project. On-site supervision etc.
Assist Vokon Afrika Consulting with electrification projects at Tsomo
Electrification Project Phases 3 A and B. villages electrified: Sodom,
Jwayi, Bisi and Catshile
Assist Eya-Bantu with Inspections and Outages in greater Mthatha
Completed a full audit of Maclear and Ugie Municipal electrical
networks including all TRFRs, Ring Main Units, LV and MV structures.
Minor Works backlog for Eya-Bantu.
Minor Works backlog for Bali.
Outages for Bali.
References: Keith Purdon, Eya-Bantu
084 588 8551
Martin Cole, WorleyParsons
084 688 6575
Mohamed Peer, Gibb
083 636 7786
Johann Botha
082 600 8245
Anda Myathaza, Vokon Afrika
076 554 5009 / 043 742 6023.
Yvonne Jacobs, Bali
084 514 2126
Old Mutual
Position: Old Mutual Policies
Period: 5 months
Key Duties: Cold-calling
Following leads
I could not pursue this opportunity because of the Education Dept’s failure to find a copy
of my Matric Certificate.
The Independent Group
Position: Sabunga Mine Manager
Period: 22 Sept ~ 31 March 2017
Type: Permanent
Key Duties: As per Appointment Letter
Manage daily operations of a borrow pit and all staff on site
Health & Safety including occupational medical tests
Managing heavy machine operators and plant
Ensure maintenance is done
Daily inspection of borrow pit (quarry) face
Continuous planning as quarry increases in size
Ensure safe working procedures
Ensure stock piles are safe and stock is not contaminated
Monthly health & safety meetings
Toolbox talks
Manage diesel consumption on site.
Periodic weekend work
Construction of access roads
Period sampling and PI testing of G6 and G7 aggregates
Induction Training for new staff members / visitors
Waste Management
Collecting of diesel from depot when bowser is otherwise occupied
Issue and control of PPE
Ensure safety of cash on site
Liaise with contractors on site / inspect quality of sabunga delivered to
contractor’s site
Control hours of staff and plant on site
Maintain discipline of Independent staff of other departments on site;
drivers, operators
Plan weekend work when necessary and ensure adequate drivers and
trucks are present
Ensure diesel is delivered for weekend work
Control of the diesel bowser
Occasional fire drill
Risk assessment, PTO and HIRA
Daily use of private vehicle for company purposes:
~Daily inspection of borrow-pit
~Waste management
~collecting diesel from depot
~Administration duties
~Taking in delivery notes and cash
~Daily mining operations including towing bowser to plant
~Taking staff home after working late (evening)
~Picking staff up early for overtime work
~Carting of equipment, diesel containers, waste etc.
~Environmental Management Program
~Daily operations at the borrow-pit
~Visiting contractor’s sites
South African Police Force
SAPS College Training : 1990
Crime Intelligence Services Basic Training Course : 1991
Endangered Species Protection Unit Course : 1994
Detective Course : 1995
Interrogation and Interviewing : 1996
S.W.A.T. Course : 1996
First Aid Level 2 : 1997
Scuba Diving Class 4 Emergency : 1997
Ultra High Frequency Radio Operator's Course : 1997
CITES Seminar on Permit Control : 1997
Specialized Undercover Investigative Techniques : 1999
Undercover Crime Intelligence Handler’s Course : 2000
Psychological Profiling : 2001
Field Services and Projects
Live Line Appreciation : 2011
Gloving Methods Theory and Practical (1~33kV) : 2011
ORHVS Awareness and Supervision : 2013
Equipotential Earthing : 2013
ORHVS modules 1 ~ 10 : 2013
Wildfire Suppression : 2013
First Aid II : 2013
Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis : 2013
Planned Task & Observation : 2013
Fire Fighting Level 1 : 2013
My personality can be classified as that of an extrovert. I am easy to get along with and
consider others. I am trusting and trustworthy. I am loyal and tend to the interests of
those associated to me.
My years spent in the South African Police Force as firstly a technician, then a Detective
and finally as an Undercover Field Operative, enabled me to accumulate vast experience
in many fields. This experience also serves me well when dealing with people and
enables me to work and get along with people of all races and walks of life. I have been
exposed to many life threatening circumstances and situations. Because of this, I am
able to cope in stressful situations and maintain a level head in extreme situations or
I spent the majority of my police career as an undercover operative and therefore
understand confidentiality and discretion.
Coming from a police background I am accustomed to rules and regulations and adhere
to them. I have a strict code of ethics and cannot tolerate bribery or corruption of any
kind. I am self-disciplined and function well with no supervision. I have been subjected
to extensive training ranging from specialised weaponry, first aid on infants and
specialised investigations to street survival skills, photography and specialised
investigations. I am more than adequately equipped for my duties as a Clerk of Works.
I have a very good understanding of people and body language and have completed
courses on interviewing, interrogation and psychological profiling. I can quickly
establish whether the truth is being told by someone or not. I use this experience in the
execution of my duties as a Clerk of Works, whether investigating irregularities, an
incident or during on-site supervision. I am strict but always endeavor to remain fair
and objective. I try to make allowances for an explanation when coming across an
irregularity, defect, mistake or whatever the case may be.

Contact Information
Phone: 0734835739

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