About NCAG

Since its establishment in 1998, the reliable and honest service offered by the Network Claims Assessors Group (NCAG) has earned the trust of the South African insurance industry.

Accurate assessments by our nationwide network of highly experienced assessors and moderators mean that legitimate claims can be quickly and efficiently resolved, and fraudulent claims can be clearly identified.
If you need informed claim decisions, then you need NCAG on your team.

General and specialised claims assessments

We are specialists in a wide range of claims assessments, from burglaries to building claims such as water damage from faulty geysers. We are equipped to carry out full inventories and to assess the damage or loss accurately and efficiently. Our experienced assessors also have the skills to recognise fraudulent claims and to alert the insurer immediately.




    The benefits of working with NCAG

Reduce & avoid instances of
human error. Our network
approach means that information
is checked and verified by a team
of detail orientated professionals.
Fast turnaround times.

We have ateam of highly skilled professionals handling your assessments which means lesstime waiting for reports and supporting documentation to resolve a claim.

Accountability. When working with a
network of assessors, you are
assured of a level of service and
ethical standard that can’t always
be guaranteed when using an individual assessor.

A cost effective option for the
highest quality assessments. Our
pricing structure is simple &
straightforward, with no hidden
costs. Coupled with exceptional
service, we can confidently offer our
clients value for money.

  What makes us different?

When it comes to assessment, we are single minded in our determination to provide the best possible service at the most simple and competitive price. We support our network of assessors with the latest technological tools to ensure that they are able to deliver excellent results that are on time and reliably accurate.
Assessment is the core of our business, which means that we provide a dedicated and specialist service. And because you can trust our assessments, we save you money – no more losses due to paying out fraudulent claims.
All our assessors are also accredited as Commissioners of Oaths.
If you are in the business of insurance, then you need NCAG on your team.




+27 21 930 4686


60 President Swart Street, Panorama, 7506